How The Salt Room® Orlando Can Help Your Sinusitis

According to our latest research, health experts predict that approximately 37 million Americans will suffer from sinusitis this year. Medication brings temporary relief and in extreme cases surgery can be the only answer. Salt therapy at The Salt Room Orlando is a drug free treatment that brings relief.

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Salt Therapy will ease your Sinusitis symptoms

Salt Therapy will ease your Sinusitis symptoms by opening the blockages in the sinus tract. The salt particles reach inwards and draw out the fluid accelerating the pace of mucus clearance. It will reduce edema of the nasal mucosa, causing nasal blockage which in turn leads to widening of the airway passage in the nose and the tubes of the sinuses facilitating sinus drainage. Salt therapy also reduces infection by killing bacteria. Your dependence on prescription drugs will diminish. It will also bolster up your immune system. A complete treatment regiment of 5-15 sessions will provide benefits for as long as 6-12 months.

For our clients with severe sinus problems, we have a membership that allows them unlimited salt therapy for only $90 a month. We have clients that have been free of sinus infections for the first time in years by committing to coming to one session of salt therapy a week. According to Carmen H, who went in for salt therapy to treat his sinus problem “The first day I came I could hardly breathe through my nose and I was constantly swallowing the mucous. After the first session I felt less congested, could breathe better during the night. I came regularly for the sessions and after several treatments the pressure became less on my sinuses also my headache has gone.”

How Salt Therapy at The Salt Room Orlando helps your Sinusitis

Salt therapy at The Salt Room Orlando recreates the microclimate found in salt caves and mines in a controlled environment. If you are suffering from sinusitis you will be taken into The Salt Room Orlando and shown special breathing techniques to maximum effects. The walls and floor of this special room are covered with sea salt. Our clients can read, nap, or listen to music while during their session. The treatment room also boasts of a “halogenerator” which is responsible for dispersing negatively charged particles (up to 3-5 microns) of sodium chloride aerosol. The halogenerator ensures a supply of clean dry air saturated with sodium chloride particles.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is actually an infection or inflammation behind the cheekbones or forehead which are called sinuses. It is caused by bacteria or virus. The infection takes place when mucus accumulates in the sinuses. Sinusitis can also be caused by allergens present in the environment. Some of the symptoms associated with sinusitis are headache, stuffy nose and thick nasal secretions that are yellow, green, or blood-tinged.

Other symptoms include breathing difficulty, fatigue, cough which may be severe at night, decreased sense of smell sore throat and bad breath. Prescription drugs like antibiotics or decongestants bring temporary relief but have adverse side effects. Sometimes the only treatment prescribed is surgery which is not always successful. Salt therapy at The Salt Room Orlando is a drug free treatment. If you are a patient of sinusitis, contact us today and we will help you with a proven sinus infection remedy.

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