The Amazing Healing Powers of Salt

January 6, 2015

Despite the fact that salt has been given a bad rap lately, research shows that the pure refined salt crystals, mined from the world’s deepest caves and oldest sea beds, are actually brimming with healing properties.

A set of five spoons with different types of salt in them

Dead Sea Salt Zaps Aches and Eczema

Since ancient times, people have flocked to the Dead Sea in Israel for its healing benefits. This landlocked body of water contains salt with the highest concentration of therapeutic anti-inflammatory minerals on Earth, including calcium, potassium and silicon. The pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients plummeted by 80% after soaking daily in the Dead Sea salt baths for two weeks. The Dead Sea baths have also successfully treated symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Detox With Hawaiian Red Salt!

Hawaiian sea salt, or red salt, is a natural product of Hawaii found in its rich volcanic soil. Natives use the salt not only as a tasty topping for food, but it plays an important role in cleansing, purification, and blessing ceremonies. Recent studies prove that Hawaiian salt is rich in healthy minerals and nutrients, including calcium and iron (which gives the salt its distinctive red tint). The minerals in this salt not only help to strengthen your bones and give you a boost in energy, but it is also believed that the use of Hawaiian salt in scrubs and skin care products helps to draw toxins from the body, leaving your skin looking healthier and more radiant.

Himalayan Pink Salt Increases Energy!

Decades ago scientists noticed that workers in salt caves deep in the Himalayas suffered from fewer respiratory problems than others, a benefit they suspected was liked to the millions of tiny airborne salt particles inhaled by the workers each day. Now studies prove that the salt emits unique ions that purify the air, neutralizing environmental pollutants to help prevent symptoms of allergies and asthma- they also increase energy, well-being, and resistance to illness!

Salt Rooms Relieve Respiratory and Sinus Symptoms!

After studies proved that salt helped miners maintain superior respiratory health, a team of doctors and engineers in Eastern Europe  developed a generator that mimics the salty micro-climate found in the Himalayan mines by pulverizing salt into microscopic particles.

In 2009 the generators were available in the US market and the first salt room opened in Florida. Clients typically sit for 45 minutes in relaxing lounge chairs while the generators circulate the pulverized pharmaceutical grade salt throughout the room. Salt's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties reduce congestion, sanitize, and open the airways. This treatment is used to relieve the symptoms of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, COPD and the common cold.

Recent clinical research was conducted at The Salt Room® by Dr. Daniel Layish, MD. His team concluded that the salt therapy proved to be beneficial in relieving and thinning the build up of mucus in patients with Cystic Fibrosis.

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